Gibson Historic Collection 1958 Les Paul Reissue MOD Lemon Burst (05/31)

$ 4346.10

The Gibson Historic Collection’s ’58 style Les Paul is in stock.
A maple top with tiger eyes, a neat 1-piece mahogany back, and a reddish rosewood fingerboard.
It is a model after innovative specification changes such as glue glue and deep joint, and the body also resonates firmly.
The pickup has been replaced with a Vintage Maniacs Hysteric PAF * 2, giving it a light and trebry sound with a strong mid-high range. Highly recommended for those who like thick grips.
There is some usability such as scratches, dents, and rust on parts.
The performance condition is good. There is a knob exchange.
Product rank: B : There are some scratches, but there is no problem in normal use.
Year of manufacture: 2014
Country of manufacture: USA

Weight: 4.03 kg
Serial number: 8 4823
Fret remaining: 70% -80%
Truss rod: There is room in the tightening / loosening direction
Neck condition: Good
Case: Hard case / Genuine
Accessories: Certified Calligraphy, medal panel

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