Gibson Flying V 2011 – White W/Floyd Rose (Rare)

$ 4995.00

Here we have a rare, 2011 Gibson Floyd Rose Flying V, 1 of 250 made and that was it. Try to find them, the few posted went immediately and this one is minty! Only yellowing and some minor surface scratches you can see on the back above the rear control cover (Ill buff them if you want, I didn’t want to touch it) from someone’s jeans rivet I guess, a buckle would be further up and there is no rash at all. NO CHIPS or SCRATCHES on the top or neck, smooth to the touch, the plastic is still on the control cover cavity. The white is starting to yellow from age, it has never seen a bar or a smoke-filled room. I am the second owner of this beast, and it is a beast. Sat in its case a long 9 months at one point pulled it out and it was still in tune. Here the sweet*water write-up from when these were sold:

One look at Gibson’s Flying V with Floyd Rose solidbody electric guitar and you’ll be hooked. One strum and you’ll wonder where this incredible axe has been all your life. Plug it in and let those high-output humbucking pickups show your amp what a real hard-rocking guitar rig can do. The Flying V with Floyd Rose adds a smooth and stable vibrato bridge and locking nut to an already iconic hard rock guitar design – it’s now the shred-ready total package, and it’s right here at Sweetwater. You’ll love this instrument’s sustain, playability, balance, and killer looks. Get your hands on a Flying V with Floyd Rose today!

Gibson Flying V with Floyd Rose Solidbody Electric Guitar at a Glance:

A hard rock icon, made shred ready

High-output pickups, huge tones

Top-to-bottom Gibson quality

A hard rock icon, made shred ready

Hard rockers have loved Gibson’s Flying V since day one. The angular, symmetrical design gives you the kind of aggressive visual statement you want make – and the Flying V’s balance and playing feel work perfectly for metal and hard rock players. But, this Flying V with Floyd Rose is even better! The super-smooth vibrato bridge gives you an added measure of expression, whether you’re emphasizing a chord or performing divebombing leads. The locking nut keeps you in tune during even the wildest workouts. You’ll also love the blended ’50s and ’60s slim-taper neck profile! It’s chunky enough for big chords and fast enough for lightning fingerboard runs.

High-output pickups, huge tones: Plug the Flying V with Floyd Rose into your amp and get ready to feel the fury! A pair of hot, uncovered humbuckers (a 496R at the neck and a 500T in the bridge position) give you all the output you’ll need to hit the front end of your amp like a sonic freight train. Volume and tone controls let you shape your tones, while a 3-position toggle gives you the sonic options you need. Add the rich midrange and sustain you get from the Flying V with Floyd Rose’s all-mahogany construction and you’re in for a raging ride.

Top-to-bottom Gibson quality: When you strap on Flying V with Floyd Rose, you can feel the quality Gibson built into it. From the tonewoods to the rock-solid set-neck construction to the top-shelf hardware, this axe is made to do the job. Plus, Gibson threw in a deluxe hardshell case that fits the Flying V with Floyd Rose like a glove, so your dream axe stays safe and secure when you’re on your way to your next gig.

Gibson Flying V with Floyd Rose Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

An iconic design now shred-ready, with a genuine Floyd Rose trem

Rock-solid construction plus top tonewoods, for incredible tone and sustain

High-output humbucking pickups, for heavy-duty tones

Fast, comfortable neck profile, perfect for both chunky chords and all-out speed

Perfectly fitted hardshell case

Gibson’s Flying V with Floyd Rose turns an iconic solidbody design into a shredder’s dream guitar!