Gibson Explorer II E2 1980 – Walnut/Maple/Walnut

$ 4450.00

1980 Gibson Explorer E2 – Ugly Beautiful

What’s to say about this instrument. You either love or hate them. This one is ugly beautiful, it has survived in remarkable shape for an instrument that has been used, abused somewhat, changed and adapted down through the decades until we get to here. Someone at some point put a Bigsby or similar on it drilling the top. Someone else maybe filled them in, but not a clean, pretty or professional looking plug. The neck and fretboard are in great shape. Wide and flat, it rips and sounds amazing with the modern SD Dirty Fingers replaced in their original configuration. The originals had been removed and replaced with some doomy dark metal types. This amazing thing looks and feels like the relic it is. A beautiful player grade instrument that is approaching it’s forty fifth birthday now, looking better than most of us do at that milestone too. She is a chunky baby too at nearly ten pounds. All the weight is in the body, neck dive never occurred to this thing. Lots to like, comes with it’s original case and other than the pickups and strap locks. A giant honking strap is included too, you will need it if you choose to stand while playing this absolute screaming beastie. Even though the Dirty Fingers aren’t the original Dirty Fingers, they are still dirty.

Condition is 7/10 due to modifications and wear, less than proficient finish repair behind the tailpiece.


The instrument is not original and has been modified, modified again, modified back to something approximating the original configuration with a matched set of Dirty Fingers pickups from Seymour-Duncan. this set is from a 2015 instrument as the original parts were long gone. Where doesn’t it have play wear would be the easier question to answer but it is beautiful with a straight neck, working truss rod and a low action setup on 10’s by Eric’s Guitar Shop in Van Nuys, California. The bridge, plastics, TP-6 tailpiece with fine-tuning, tuners, knobs and switches are all original and light up under UV. It’s an amazing looking thing from its walnut/maple/walnut body to it’s bright frets and ebony fretboard, still going strong since its build date back in 1980. See the pictures, ask for more. As always there are more and better photos than Reverb will host on my own site at deegearlocker dotcom. Comes in an original and slightly tatty hardcase that has all its hinges and latches, a little ugly on the outside, like the guitar, but solid and fit for purpose.