Gibson Explorer 76 1990 – Sunburst, Vintage, Bill Lawrence HB-L, HB-R, KILLER GUITAR!

$ 2595.00

1990 Vintage Gibson Explorer 76. Guitar has been well played, it does have scratches and dings, and buckle rash, it’s been a gigged instrument, and it 34 years old. So if you want a new one that pretty and looks good on the wall for your friends to look at, this isn’t it. Lol. But if you want an Awesome, incredible playing Vintage Explorer Guitar, that plays great, and has KILLER, EXPENSIVE, Bill Lawrence HB-L and HB-R pickups, that sounds great, that you can play all the time, and banged it against something, or drop it on stage and it does not matter, than this is your guitar. I hate to see it go, it sounds great, plays great, never any neck damage, no breaks or repairs, just a really good Gibson Explorer with great pups and electronics. There are quite a few pics of it, I tried to get all that I can. I have the original Gibson Hardshell Case, the handle on the case is gone, but it’s an easy fix. The lock needs some attention but also an easy fix. I have another universal case it’s been in, but the original is the one to have. There are pics of the case as well. Will be shipped UPS and insured as all my packages are. Cleaned this guitar today, lemon oil the Fretboard and installed a new set of Slinky 10s. Guitar is ready to jump on stage with as soon as you get it. Absolutely zero problems other than scratches and dings. Feel free to check my feedback and please ask any questions if you have them.