Gibson Explorer 2012 Cherry MINT

$ 2100.00

RARE Gibson Explorer in Cherry. All original besides Hipshot Locking Tuners (The stock tuners on this thing were AWFUL). 

This thing is MINT. I am heartbroken to sell it. It was my dream guitar and I saved up to buy it but sadly now less than a year later, times are hard, I have cancer, and the guitar has gotta go..

The pictures basically say it all, this thing looks like it’s been untouched for the last ten years. You can maybe barely see, there’s a tiny chip on the bottom horn. Impossible to see until up close. That’s basically the only proof this thing has ever been out of it’s case. Sounds phenomenal. 

Sad to see it go, but i’m hoping whoever buys it is as crazy as I was about it. They don’t make this color of Explorer anymore, and I believe this is one of only two Cherry Explorers on Reverb. Yes, it is a huge guitar in it’s OHSC. It will cost a bit to ship ($100 ). Comes with Gibson Certificate of Authenticity as well as the OHSC ($250 case). Keeping this in mind, you’re really getting the guitar for $1750 . 

Please, no lowball offers. This guitar is very rare just because of the color, and it’s condition. The only other one on Reverb is $2800. New Gibson Explorers start at $1900, getting a Mint 2012 in a rare finish for that price is a steal. It will only continue to rise in value as time goes on, as well.