Gibson ES-775: How High is the Moon. 1992-Tabacco Burst

$ 4795.00

To play a guitar of this pedigree, you must be accompanied by no less than a 12-year-old Scotch. Maybe even a 15-year-old Glenfiddich. Sure, you can make a fantastic whisky cocktail but more refined aficionados want to enjoy the smoky flavor unadorned—except perhaps for ice. Even more so, to enhance your experience, you could accompany your aged Scotch with a premium, hand-rolled, boutique cigar.

Why not? “But one life,” as they say, so why not live it to the fullest? Folks, I’m speaking to you about how many times you have played it safe, playing not to lose instead of playing to win. Why do we hold on to our nickels? Oh, I know—so we can sit in a fancy restaurant when older, not to even remember who we are or where we are at?

My point is, live for today because tomorrow isn’t a given. Certainly, this ES-775 isn’t the most expensive guitar in the world, and I get it, but these guitars are the people’s champion. Elegant, streamlined, and classic is the calling card for her. As you can clearly see in the photos, this guitar is nothing short of aesthetically pleasing. It has been the staple of jazz guitarists since its conception in 1949, ( well, the companion 175, that is.) So while you’re considering that fancy restaurant in the future, consider this:

As for this guitar?  This one has faint checking that you have to really look for, and as you can see, the neck pickup has tarnished just a hair. Under the hood, this one has the PAT # pickups and Gibson flip tuners for string winding in a snap. The body? Flamed maple lament, of course, and the neck is three-piece flamed maple. More features are the ABR-1 bridge and the trapeze tailpiece with ebony inlay that exudes class. The fingerboard is ebony and has a 24.75 scale length. Case? Original. Sounds like? How high is the moon in A#.

There is a reason we have passion in this life: If forgotten, you’ve already lost yourself, so please do me a favor: remind yourself of who you are. Expect the best, and then you shall have it. Just saying, people…