Gibson ES-345TD 1974-1975 Cherry

$ 5418.75

This is a blues riff in B. Watch me for the changes and try and keep up, okay?

We have received a vintage Gibson ES-345. According to the serial number, it was manufactured around 1974-75. The ES-345 model was introduced in 1959 as a higher-end version of the ES-335, which also debuted around the same time. The ES-345 falls in the middle class of models, as the ES-355 was introduced as the top-tier model of the 335 series during a similar period.

The basic structure consists of a maple body with a center block and a mahogany neck, similar to the ES-335. The unique features of this model include the inlays, varitone switch, and stereo output. While the ES-355 had two variations – one with a varitone switch and stereo output, and the other without a varitone switch in a standard configuration – the ES-345 appears to have been exclusively offered with these features.

The varitone switch gradually increases the cutoff as it is turned to the right, providing a unique sound when used effectively. The stereo output splits the pickups to output in stereo, meaning that when a mono cable is plugged into the input, only the bridge pickup will be outputted. Therefore, a stereo cable is necessary for use without modification. Many guitars of this model have had their stereo outputs modified to mono jacks, but this particular unit retains its original stereo configuration.

Despite its vintage, this unit is remarkably clean and worth a closer look. Interestingly, although it is clearly a 345, the internal label reads ‘ES-335’. It’s unclear whether this was a mistake or if Gibson mislabeled it.

As a side note, the scene in ‘Back to the Future’ where Marty plays ‘Johnny B. Goode’ at the party features this ES-345.

Condition: Professionally cleaned and set up with new strings (D’Addario).

No problem with the electric systems. Neck is straight and the truss rod works with no issues. Frets remain over 30 percent.

There are signs of aging such as paint cracks, chips, weather checking, as well as scratches and dents, typical for its age, but overall, it has a clean appearance considering its vintage.

Comes with a hard shell case. We have images that we were not able to publish. Please do not hesitate to ask us for more pictures!

Weight: approx. 3.67kg [8.09lbs]

Serial Number: 505742


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