Gibson ES-335 Limited Edition 2006 Diamond Dot Ebony w/ Factory Bigsby & OHSC

$ 4397.95

Here is a super rare Gibson 2006 Limited run ES 335 Ebony Diamond Dot. It’s a very rare specification for a 335, the only ebony 335 with factory installed bigsby, gold hardware and diamond soundholes Gibson have ever built, and they were made only for a very short time back in the beginning of 2006. There are very few of these in existence. It has the body of the Dave Grohl 335 with a traditional open book headstock and dot inlays. So if you were never into the Trini headstock, this is for you. It’s a real head turner. It was built at Gibson’s USA Nashville plant on 16th Feb 2006. There are heaps of life in the frets, the truss rod is fine and the neck is straight. No problems either structurally or electrically. There have been absolutely no breaks, repairs or mods. It is a wonderful playing machine too, very open and resonant. In all original condition. Weight is 4kg. If you like mint sterile guitars with no scratches it’s probably not for you. But if you prefer your old hollow-bodies with a bit of naturally earned playwear then check out the pics of this old beauty. There are plenty of scratches, many look waxy and could probably be taken out with the appropriate knowledge. There is buckle-wear on the back, the binding is yellowing, and the gold hardware nicely tarnished giving it a real vintage feel. But I’ll say it again, it is in played condition with plenty of scratches! Please do not take a quick glance at it, buy, and then try to return to us for not being in mint condition! It’s complete with original Gibson HSC which is a bit tatty but has all latches working. The handle has come off but been patched up with a rope handle, the original leather handle is included so you may be able to re-attach it if you want. Gibson only made these diamond 335’s for a year or so, as a long-term investment, you won’t go wrong here. 

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