Gibson ES-335 Dot 2011 Satin Red

$ 2500.00

Fun fact – 335’s are the best guitar Gibson makes. It combines all the things you love in a Gibson into a semi-hollow construction that you can‘t help but love. Whether you want to play some rock or jazz you can really do about anything with one of these, I just think they’re all around an awesome guitar and this one is no exception. Condition wise it’s in really good shape overall. I wanted to list it as excellent but I couldn’t in good conscience because the satin shows scratches very easily. But apart from some surface scratches and a few small impressions, if you’re ok with some slight wear it’s not bad at all. That being said it has some old strings on it and definitely needs a set up and some oil on the board. Apart from that it’s ready for a new home. Comes in the OHSC. Thanks for looking!