Gibson ES-335 1963 Reissue CERTIFIED: “HAND-SELECTED” 2017 – Blonde Quilt ’63 reissue

$ 4850.00

GIBSON MEMPHIS certified “Hand Selected” 1963 reissue ES-335 Quilted Figured VOS Vintage Natural Blonde 2017 [SN 60816]


1. Installed is an upgraded locking Faber tail piece. Also included (in the guitar case pocket) are additional spacers for the Faber tailpiece lock which allow the height of the tail piece to be raised and lowered. The original Gibson tailpiece is included in the sale.  

2. Currently, the installed pickups are Bare Knuckle Abraxas (Santana-type) pickups that retail new for close to $400 for the set.  At the end of this description is the description of the Bare Knuckle Abraxas pickups from the official manufacturer site.  The original Gibson pickups are included in the sale and are inside the box for the Bare Knuckle pickups (the box will be in the case pocket) . 

The included Gibson “Certificate of Authenticity” specifies this guitar as a Gibson certified “Hand Selected” model.  “Hand Selected” means that the guitar represents Gibson’s highest technical build quality with the highest quality woods.

This guitar is a reissue of the 1963 ES-335 specifications.  1963 ES-335TD (Thin-line with Double pickups).  The 1963 model was owned, and made famous by, Eric Clapton and George Harrison.  Those players loved the following historic features including: nylon saddles, small block pearl position markers, modern ’63 body shape with narrower horns and rolled fingerboard binding for a soft playing feel.

The ‘63 body shape evolved to take on more elegant cutaways with slim horns, Block inlays, Pearl fingerboard blocks, etc. are a hallmark of the second-gen ES-335 design. Matched potentiometers. Matched 550K potentiometers contribute to accurate vintage tone.  Historic construction is used for the reissues and therefore the neck is attached with hot hide glue. Also, hot hide glue attaches the historically correct quarter-sawn Adirondack spruce top braces.  The Gibson historic truss rod has no tube, which is well known to enhance the guitar’s resonance and sustain.  The MHS pickups are accurate PAF clones, custom CTS 550K pots (matched set) which use Alnico magnets and mismatched coils for that characteristic complexity and bite.  Period-correct frets use .fret wire of precise vintage specs which results in an accurate ‘63 playing feel. VOS finish is Nitrocellulose lacquer given the Gibson proprietary VOS treatment.

Body: Correct ‘63 shape with narrower cutaway horns

  • Fingerboard: Bound rosewood with small block inlays (small block position markers)
  • Potentiometers: Matched 550k potentiometers
  • Hot hide glue: Historic body and neck construction
  • Truss rod: Tubeless Historic truss rod
  • Pickups: MHS humbuckers
  • Frets: Period-correct .100” x .045” fret wire
  • Finish: VOS nitrocellulose lacquer
  • Tuners: vintage-style single-line Kluson machine heads
  • Case: Hard Case/Genuine Custom Grade
  • Weight: 7lbs and 5ounces
  • Body Top : Quilted Figured Maple
  • Body : Laminated Maple
  • Neck : Mahogany
  • Fingerboard : Rosewood with 11/16th nut width
  • Condition is excellent – one photo shows a small darkish mark on the bottom bout’s inside binding which may be from sitting in a stand. A luthier may be able to buff this out of the nitro finish.


ABRAXAS HUMBUCKERS description from official Bare Knuckle pickup website:

“The Abraxas is a vintage-voiced humbucker with an superlative vocal tone, balanced mid-range projection and sweet harmonic overtones.

Players looking for more mid range crunch and the ability to drive an amp naturally will enjoy the classic voice of the Abraxas humbucker. The higher output also allows for excellent coil splits and it cleans up well with the volume pot.

Utilizing the same sand-cast, Alnico IV magnet as The Mule, the Abraxas humbucker provides similar breadth and detail across the mid-range but packs considerably more power. The 43 AWG plain enamel scatter-wound coils retain the harmonic complexity of the vintage humbuckers, which adds more bottom-end depth and smoother control in the high-end, particularly in brighter guitars. “