Gibson ES-150 1938-1939 – Sunbust

$ 3295.00

I believe this is a 1938 or 1939 based on the size of the script on the headstock. Obviously multiple non-original attributes going on here… from the tuners to someone changing and adding a second pickup. They made the tone control into a volume for the second pickup. Pickups are older, tried to show front and back of those. I believe I posted the pickup pictures many years ago on some site seeking to determine type and year. I don’t remember what was said but think they’re older from 60-70’s (one a decade or so older than the other) but could be wrong. One is a Gibson that says 2,737,842.

There’s a bunch of dings and dents and there’s two cracks that go down the side of the neck. Both are cosmetic. One is right up against the neck and harder to notice.

I never really played this guitar. I play acoustic and years ago thought to segue into electric and happened to come across this.

Comes with a GUILD case that is older as well but in great shape.