Gibson Custom Shop True Historic ’59 Les Paul Reissue 2015 Vintage Cherry Sunburst

$ 13034.29
  • True
    Historic Plastics: Molecular level analysis delivers authentic vintage
  • True
    Historic Pickup Covers: Designed and engineered based on the originals
  • Double-Carved
    Top: Authentic vintage dish profile
  • Double-Carved
    Neck: Hand sanded for ideal playability and accurate profile
  • “Broken”
    Peghead Edges, Smoother Edges: Vintage Looks and Feel
  • Thinner
    Peghead Veneer: A testament to obsession with detail
  • Thinner
    True Historic Wet-Sanded Finish: More work, more authentic
  • Hide
    Glue Top Construction: A real vintage spec on the most
    “original” Reissue yet
  • Rolled
    Fingerboard Binding: It’s all about feel and playability

***The ones made in 2015 are the only ones made with saved antique Gibson reserve wood***
**It has the full ’59 profile neck, so the most enjoyable guitar to play!

*Not many of these were made, so here is your chance to get a True Historic ’59 with hottest specs!
(Absolutely MINT not a single ding or scratch)
Super rich (full of harmonics) sounding instrument
Stay in tunes perfectly (no matter how punchy you play)
As soon as you put your hand on her, you can feel her excellence!

It’s the absolute best guitar that Gibson Custom dept. has to offer on every level!!
No doubt, it’s the closest thing to perfection short of a real 1959 Les Paul that money can buy… For a lot less than the real one!!!
Only: 3,8Kg
Full Specs: 
Other videos: 

– Clean

– Crunchy
– Overdrive
– Gain 
–  Video Tour / Front

Video Tour / Back