Gibson Custom Shop Murphy Lab 1959 Les Paul Standard Reissue Kindred Burst Ultra Heavy Aged (Serial #941735)

$ 10699.00

Carrying on Orville Gibson’s historic pursuit of sonic excellence and aesthetic perfection, the Gibson Custom Shop combines traditional instrument-making techniques, innovative methods, and meticulous attention to detail to craft instruments worthy of its banner-era slogan, “Only a Gibson is Good Enough.”

This instrument exclusively features woods hand-picked by CME’s expert guitar-buying team at the Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville, paired with one of our favorite finishes, plus a thoughtful combination of preferred fingerboards, neck profiles, pickups, and hardware, to make this customized Gibson guitar.  

Following decades of research for the Gibson Custom, Art, and Historic Division founded in 1993, Gibson Custom Shop established the Murphy Labs Division in 2017 to take Tom Murphy’s proprietary techniques to the next level.

Sporting a scientifically reverse-engineered nitrocellulose lacquer identical what was used on Gibson guitars of the ‘50s and ‘60s, this Custom Shop instrument has been meticulously aged by hand at Murphy Labs—with all the wear-and-tear of a well-played original, including an extra-rolled fingerboard binding for a broken-in feel and true-to-life look.