Gibson Custom Shop Murphy Lab 1959 ES-355 Ebony Ultra Light Aged 2022

$ 5128.67

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2022 Murphy Lab 1959 ES-355 Ebony Ultra Light Aged used goods.

The high -end model of the ES semi -coco model is multi -pulled, diamond inlay, block -inlay, gold parts, and a solid model decoration with Les Paul Custom, and the appearance full of luxury suitable for the upper model is Gibson. A longing luxury model with a prominent presence during the lineup. This machine is a model that adopted the 59 -year specification, such as a stop, tail piece, and hat knob specification.

Of course, the fingerboard uses the ebony fingerboard, the atmosphere of the AGED specification is wonderful, and it is a finish suitable for the top model of the semi -coco model.
The pickup is equipped with a Custom Bucker Ampotted specification, and the pot in the circuit is also a vintage style specification, and you can hear the good sound approaching the original sound.

The sound with a thickness of the rich sound and the thick core has a thick sound, and the sound image that stands up is perfect, and the sound image that comes out naturally even though it is thick. The response to the touch is good, and the exquisite stickiness and edge feeling when driving are very comfortable.
The aircraft is the weakest “Ultra Light Agido” small scratches and real wessers checks overall.

This is AGED specification, but the feeling of use is very good and it is in good condition overall. The neck condition is good, there is a truss rod room, and there is no fret reduction and the performance surface is good. An original hard case, certification, and tags are also included.

It is a good purchase USED product with good condition! By all means at hand.

BODY: 3-Ply Maple/PopLar/Maple
Neck: Solid Mahogany
Prole Authentic ’59 Medium C-SHAPE
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge: ABR-1
TailPiece: Lightweight Aluminum Stop Bar
NECKUP CustomBucker Alnico 3 (Unpotted)
Bridge Pickup CustomBucker Alnico 3 (UNPOTTED)
Controls 2 Volume, 2 TONE, 3way
Weight: 3,94kg
Accessories: Original Hard Case, certificate


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