Gibson Custom Shop ’57 Les Paul Jr. Single Cut 2006 – 2017

$ 3289.00

Single-cutaway mahogany slab body

Gibson Custom built the 1957 Les Paul Junior Single Cut Reissue VOS with one goal in mind: to deliver the feel, sound, and vibe of a genuine ’57 LP Junior to your hands. This axe features a premium-quality mahogany slab body that retains the distinctive Les Paul shape. The combination bridge and tailpiece is now standard equipment on many upper-level instruments, proving that sometimes simple is better. It’s the perfect example of a purpose-built instrument — and a real blast from the past!
One P-90 dog ear pickup in the bridge position

You want a raw, rocking experience? You won’t be able to get enough of the 1957 Les Paul Junior Single Cut Reissue VOS’s lone single-coil P-90 dog ear pickup. Plug the 1957 Les Paul Junior Single Cut Reissue VOS into your favorite amp, and prepare to be astounded by the sound. It’s no coincidence that leagues of players got their start with this guitar — and have come back to it time and time again.
1-piece mahogany neck with ’50s profile and rosewood fretboard

If you’re looking for classic feel, then wrap your hand around the 1957 Les Paul Junior Single Cut Reissue VOS’s ’50s rounded neck profile. With that beefy neck and the extra bite produced by the P-90 pickup, you’ll be astounded by how you can really dig into big power chords and screaming lead sounds. You’ll also love how the unbound rosewood fingerboard and dot position markers give this axe a straightforward look that matches this guitar’s sonic character.
Vintage Original Sheen finish, for the look and feel of a classic

Gibson Custom’s Vintage Original Sheen finish option comes standard on Custom Shop Historic Reissue models. The VOS finish package includes lightly aged parts that imparts an authentic vintage patina. The nitrocellulose finished it buffed to a light matte appearance, giving a look and feel of a guitar that has been lovingly played and cared for over the years.