Gibson Custom Shop ’57 Les Paul Goldtop 2014 w/ KILLER Vintage Upgrades!

$ 4500.00

Amazing sounding R7 with some KILLER upgrades.

– Set of 1959 Patent Pending Grover tuners

– Limited Edition Brandonwound PAF set: includes real vintage magnets and SUPER rare DMC covers!

– Vintage bumblebee caps as well as vintage 1961 centralab pots.

– Vintage 1959 Gibson bridge posts

– Vintage 1959 tailpiece studs

She has some love marks – the knobs were cracked liked that upon purchase and that is common issue with this era of guitars. See the chip on the back of the headstock and various small wear – nothing egregious. This was my #1 and I’ve played the absolute hell out of it. I am only letting it go as I’ve finally lucked into a vintage project. Otherwise, this is about as close as you can get to the real thing without a second mortgage.

Given the fat neck, hide glue construction, and excellent vintage components, this is quite close to the tone of a real 50s Les Paul. All of the key elements aside from the bridge (good luck finding one!) are contributing here – the old steel really DOES add something special. This guitar does both the telecaster on steroids thing as well as the classic Les Paul crunch/singing sweetness we all love – just adjust your tone and volume knobs and go.

I have all the original parts, paper work, case, etc – EXCEPT for the old custombuckers. I can discuss a lower price by removing some of the vintage parts, but honestly wouldn’t recommend it. This guitar turns heads.

**I will add pics of the Grovers once I’m back in town!**

** I will refund the difference of shipping, but I plan on packing it well and fully insuring it hence the higher initial price. See my feedback, I’m a man of my word.