Gibson Custom Shop 50th Anniversary Korina Flying V 2008 – Natural

$ 13000.00

Here is a 2008 Gibson Custom 50th Anniversary Korina Fying V. In 2008, Gibson Custom ran a limited run of 100 Flying V’s for the 50th anniversary of the launch of period correct Flying V’s and Explorers. This particular example has a black guard and is number 78/100. First original models debuted in 1958. In the 2008 series, Gibson Custom issued models in both white and black pickgaurds. I do not know how many black and how many white but I’m assuming its around 50%.

Here is a quick story how I acquired this guitar. In 2011, I was in the market for a Korina Flying Flying V with a white pickguard and obviously originals were out of the question, so I was looking at Heritage models from the 80’s. Mind you these were WAY cheaper than recent Gibson Custom Models. So when I got to the seller’s place he pulled out a heritage with a white pickguard. I think it was an ’81. Anyway, I played it and it was goooooood. It also looked the part as it had a lot of dings and scratches but it played great. Just as I was about to pay for it he says “Hold on, check this out.” He then pulls out a Gibson Custom Box that is sealed. He cuts it open the box and there is the vintage looking “Coffin Case.” Opens it up and there it is. Brand new Custom Korina 50th with a black guard. So I played it, and it was so much better than the Heritage it was a joke. I mean this thing is pure. The problem was it was $5,000 more than the Heritage at the time. What else was I going to do? So I did what my irresponsible self would do in 2011………..I put it on a credit card! So I got this 2008 Gibson Custom V, number 78/100 brand new in a sealed box in 2011! If you look, all these guitars are out there so decide for yourself what sounds the best. My lot is with this one.

I have listed this guitar’s condition as Excellent. Here is why this guitar is Mint:

1. There is minimal player wear on the gold pickup covers and pickguard (Please see the pictures).

2. There is a missing string stopper on the back of the guitar on the Low E (please see the picture). This has absolutely no effect on the E string or overall operation of the guitar. I’ve taken it to my tech a couple of times and he hasn’t mentioned it ever.

3. Plastic is still on the case latches.

4. Gold Schaller strap locks are installed on the guitar. Original strap pegs are in the case. I can change them out prior to shipping if you like.

If you want this guitar, I challenge all Reverbers to find a 2008 model that either sounds better or is in better condition than this one.

To back this up, If you buy it and it turns out its not what you expected, I’ll give you your money back and I’ll pay for shipping to return it to me. I have no problem keeping it but I’m moving so I’m downsizing a lot of gear.

That’s it. You’re covered. Buy it and enjoy it the rest of your life or send it back and get a refund at no risk.

Please examine the pictures. Message me if you have questions or would like additional photos.

I’ll kick in free 2 day shipping anywhere in continental US. I need to move on this thing guys so make me an legit offer and let’s talk

Thank you.