Gibson Custom ’57 R7 Les Paul Standard Reissue

$ 3200.00

Okay, so here it is: a R7 burst. Odd huh? This guitar has had a weird life. Based on the color in the pickup cavity it was Pelham blue. A George Harrison fan bought it and promptly stripped it and painted it red. Poorly, mind you. Now I personally thought it was super cool – the poor sand job and finish streaking the removed les Paul logo. but I digress, I got it, stripped it (again) and had a friend who cut his teeth at Gibsons repairs and restoration department do an amazing refin.

I love that given its original life as a solid finish it has an unmatched top.

The pickups are a fairly middle of the road output for a PAF. Around 8.5 On both if I remember right.

It has that classic chunky neck on an r7.

It’s a killer killer guitar with great action and that classic brightish tone that we all want from our les Paul’s. only selling because of an upgrade.

The bad: there are scratches on the lower Side – like said the les paul logo was removed.