Gibson Custom 1961 ES-335 Reissue VOS 2020 Vintage Burst

$ 4500.00

Fantastic 61 reissue ES-335

Killer tone
Great resonance
Perfect balance and weight
Rock and roll

Can’t say enough about this one. Hate to sell it but have found a 64 reissue black one that has stolen my heart. You know how it goes.

I think the new owner will absolutely love this guitar!

Very good condition overall with a few surface scratches from normal play. Nothing alarming. A couple of small indentions on the back of the neck that you don’t notice at all when playing.

Check out the video to hear it in action through a little Line 6 spider amp set to sound a little like oasis.

I’ve also uploaded a few pics of this actual guitar from Sweetwater where I bought it new in early 2021.

Comes with original case, certificate of authenticity and case candy provided new.