Gibson Angus Young SG 2000 – 2009

$ 5495.00

Selling a Gibson 2004 hardly played dark cherry Angus Young SG that was part of my SG conquest going after CS & USA variants. This is a great pick-up for any avid Angus Young fan.
One of the biggest things to stand out to me on this AY run is the thickness in these slabs of mahogany selected for these runs. I have yet to come across any similar even on today’s USA / CS SGs.

Attached is a great YouTube video from “Troglys guitar show” that goes into better detail on the AY guitar.

– The plastic is still on the Pick-guard
– Includes the Custom Shop AY version of the case that went with another AY.
– Rating this excellent due to some hardware oxidation & light scratches/polishing swirls on the wood.

The Story:
The Gibson USA Angus Young SG not only captures the look, feel and sound of a classic SG, but it also embodies some of the rare specs and qualities of Angus’s own ’68 model, known to be a stand-out example among a classic breed. Its light, all-mahogany body yields superb resonance, while its extra slim, narrow neck provides unparalleled playability that is topped with an upgraded ebony fingerboard with lightning-bolt inlays, it also provides a look that will help any rocker stand out from the crowd.

Loaded with Gibson’s popular 57 Classic humbucking pickup in the neck and an Angus Young humbucker in the bridge for added punch and sizzle, it also packs all the firepower a gigging guitarist needs to cut it on the big stage. Each guitar comes with a snug-fitting Gibson USA hardshell case.

– Solid mahogany, just like the original SGs of the ’60s

– Thin, flat-topped body that aids resonance and reduces weight

– Average weight is 4.95 lbs before pickups and hardware are added

– The neck is constructed from one piece of solid, quarter-sawn mahogany

– The neck profile is carved to Angus’s own requirements

– Includes Black form-fitting Hardshell Case with Gibson USA screenprint

Young’s incendiary tone has inspired wave after wave of rock guitar heroes and turned on countless players to the power of his seminal guitar of choice, the SG. Now the Gibson USA Angus Young SG brings all the tone and playability of this classic double-cutaway made to Young’s own specs within reach of the hard-working rock guitarist, giving you all the punch, crunch, and sizzle that Angus achieves with his own treasured instrument.

Tonal Characteristics
Mahogany is a medium-dense wood with excellent resonance and superior sustain, and it offers a rich, round, warm tone, but with plenty of high-end sheens and a good midrange presence. The mahogany of the Gibson USA Angus Young SG also lends a percussive snap and some added clarity to the tone of the guitar.

The angled, classical-style peg head and mahogany neck work together to provide exceptional tonal richness and resonance from the neck, with outstanding string clarity definition from the maple.

The Gibson USA Angus Young SG is hand-finished in nitrocellulose in a multi-step process that is carefully monitored to ensure minimum build-up, to produce a finish that breathes with the guitar and enhances natural resonance. Unlike many other manufacturers, who settle for a polyurethane finish, Gibson opts for a nitrocellulose finish that will encourage the natural vibration of the instrument for a purer tone. In addition, a nitro finish is very porous and actually gets thinner over time.