EASY PROJECT with a story! 1998 Gibson Les Paul Special with gig bag

$ 700.00

Crazy story with this guitar…. but long story short it was nearly thrown in the GARBAGE until I rescued it. I was originally planning to fix it myself but decided it might make a cool project for someone. This is a 1998 Gibson Les Paul Special. It appears to be all original in terms of its components besides missing a tone knob and the nut/washer for the switch. All electronics do work though, and I tested them prior to listing it for sale. The neck has no evidence of ever being broken. Frets appear original. Action is medium/low but it definitely could benefit from a good setup. The guitar appears to have some marker on it that was partially rubbed off and gave the finish a sort of cloudy appearance. There is a little bit of it high up on the fretboard too. But overall the finish looks kind of cool after two decades with the finish sinking into the wood and the clearcoat lightly checking. Has the super common clear coat lifting on the front of the headstock. Seen on alot of Gibsons from this era. Because of the finish “issues” and it missing a few very easy to obtain parts im listing this as a project, and because its being sold as a project im selling it AS IS!!! So PLEASE ASK ALL QUESTIONS BEFORE BIDDING/SENDING OFFERS!!! Comes with an older Gig bag.