Dweezil OWNED/PLAYED: Gibson Frank Zappa “Roxy” SG 2013 Cherry

$ 10000.00

For sale here is a 2013 Gibson Frank Zappa “Roxy” SG (1 of 400 made), that was previously owned and played by none other than Dweezil Zappa himself! The instrument was used on the the “Roxy and Elsewhere” Zappa Plays Zappa tour by Dweezil as one of his 2 main touring guitars- before the headstock was broken off by an airline, and the guitar was returned to Gibson.

When the guitar was brought back to Gibson, instead of undertaking the arduous task off fixing the broken off headstock, they opted to simply replace the guitar entirely for Dweezil- giving him a brand new replacement. There the damaged guitar sat, unfixed…until it was raffled off amongst the Gibson employees, alongside a pile of other instruments needing heavy repairs. Nashville based luthier extraordinaire (and dear friend of mine), Dion Edge, was the lucky employee who “won” the raffle. It then sat in the case in his personal collection for several years- with the intent of someday getting around to fixing it. 

Fast forward to 2019…
I was undertaking learning a set of Zappa tunes for a fundraiser here in Nashville, TN, with the music of Frank Zappa as the centerpiece. I’m a huge Frank fan, and had always wanted one of his signature “Roxy” SGs. During a chat with Dion one day, the fundraiser came up, and he told me about the Roxy guitar he had and the unique backstory. Obviously intrigued, I made him an offer, and he accepted! I promptly took the guitar to Glaser Instrument Repair here in Nashville (the best repair shop on the planet, IMO), and showed it to their headstock/detail specialist, Scott. After approx. 2 months, I received the guitar back and was absolutely FLOORED at the repair job Scott did (see pics). The headstock was fixed with 2 reinforced Carbon Fiber rods, and was masterfully put back together. There are no lines, no visible cracks, no mismatched paint- nothing. It’s perfection. I played the guitar on and off for several months, until COVID hit…
In October of 2021, I reached out to Dweezil via Instagram to offer the instrument back to him as well as to see if he could authenticate it. He wrote me back- acknowledging it indeed was his-, and we setup a phone call a few days later, where he gave me the details of when he used it/what tour, etc. We had a great chat, and it was then understood that anytime he wanted to buy it back for what I paid, he was welcome to. It has been almost 8 months, and I think the time is now right to offer this killer instrument up to another Zappa fan, or anybody who appreciates an absolutely fantastic sounding/playing guitar. I have lots- but this one is truly special. I will provide any extra pictures/and any written exchange between myself and Dweezil for any interested party. Just let me know. Hit me up with any questions you may have…thanks for looking!