2019 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Custom VOS Ebony

$ 3900.00

Black beauty Les Paul from the Custom Shop purchased brand new in May of 2020 during the start of the pandemic. Genuine ebony fretboard. Long neck tenon. It was from a limited run of VOS treated and aged Les Pauls with uncovered humbuckers. I have babied this guitar and literally wiped it with a polishing rag after every use. Frets barely have any wear on them. The closest thing to a ”blemish” this guitar has is a tiny ding on the binding near the selector switch and some belt buckle rash on the back. In my efforts to make this guitar as close to a ‘69 custom as possible I have done a lot of upgrades. The humbuckers are Bare Knuckle Mule bridge and neck set. Look them up, they are incredible (Original Gibson Custombuckers included). I added Grover 18:1 ratio “Milk bottles” to replace the original “aged” Grover tulips that came on it. I have those too. Bridge is a Faber ABR-N tune-o-matic with conversion studs. I’ve got the original Nashville bridge and studs. Replaced the stock speed knobs with witch hat knobs with gold inserts. I’m happy to ship all the original parts but I assure you the guitar is living its best life/sounds/feels incredible with it‘s current specs.

I don’t want to part with this instrument, honestly, but I am moving and need all the funds I can get so it’s got to go. I truly hope it’s next owner cherishes it as I have.