2017 Gibson S Series Les Paul Custom Studio | Ash Body | Fast Ship!

$ 999.00

Here’s a really cool guitar from 2017 where Gibson actually got it right. The Studio Custom (or S Series) featured transparent ash wood bodies, a hotter set of Alnico pickups, a maple neck, and a more strat-style nob/toggle layout. I picked up one of these locally that had seen better days. I stripped it, refinished it in a black stain back and neck with a natural hard wax oil top for the beautiful ash. The maple neck ended up being really good with flame and figuring. I loved the Les Paul Modern-style neck joint cut in back with more access. I took it one step further and rounded off the harsh square edge to give you the most comfortable neck joint pocket you’ll ever find with a Les Paul. I went with a metallic charcoal stinger on the back of the headstock just to class it up. Added pickup covers, a modern set of metal knobs, and cleaned up all the hardware. This thing is a beast.

I’d say it’s in MINT condition, but I’m so tired of the trolls on here buying a guitar from me and then picking it apart to find a swirl mark so they can send it back for a refund because they’re afraid of their wives. Seriously. It’s happened more than once. I just set it up today, and it’s ready for a new home. Comes with an aftermarket LP shaped hard shell case. I’ll ship same day if the funds clear by noon pacific time.

I don’t entertain unsolicited offers. Just save them. I won’t respond. I don’t need to sell to pay my bills or buy weed. This is my hobby. Please ask any questions. Thanks for looking.