2017 Gibson Les Paul Tribute HP high performance Top Wrapped Satin Gold Top 1.745″ nut width

$ 1500.00

I have for sale a used Gibson Les Paul Tribute 2017 HP. I am the second owner, the first owner top wrapped the bridge and added a pick holder under the Gforce tuner. The guitar is in great shape, it was never abused, and has some scuffs in the back from the original owners belt buckle. Please see pics for the condition, I took them today 03/17/23. The case is a gold 2015 Gibson Anniversary Hardshell Case , its got some scuffs from moving around the house, see pics. The guitar plays great as is, but the strings are a couple years old. Feel free to ask any questions or request additional pics.

I have owned three G-force Gibsons. An Explorer, a Les Paul and an SG. I sold the Explorer last year because I couldnt afford to keep all three, and Im now selling my remaining two, because I bought a Gibson Custom 1954 Goldtop and I owe Sweetwater a lot of money.

I personally love the G-force guitars. I never used them for any alternate tunings and they work great. I initially sought them out because of the wide soloist fretboard because of my big fingers.


Gibson’s Les Paul Tribute 2017 HP (High Performance) solidbody electric guitar is an instrument that was designed to give you everything you love about the classic model while helping you sound and perform your best. The guitar features all the design elements that have made the Les Paul an industry-standard guitar. The comfortable, weight-relieved mahogany body and maple top combine with Gibson’s superb ’57 Classic and ’57 Classic humbucking pickups for that unmistakable tone. But a wider fretboard, new adjustable nut, fast-access neck heel, and more come together to give the Tribute 2017 HP all the features you want in a fully customized LP.

Gibson Les Paul Tribute 2017 HP Electric Guitar at a Glance:

  • Legendary Les Paul tone and performance
  • Modern updates for improved playability
  • Fast, accurate tuning
  • Plek’d for precision playability

Legendary Les Paul tone and performance

This sleek, high-performance version of the iconic Les Paul still retains everything that has made these guitars the go-to instrument for guitarists everywhere. The maple and weight-relieved mahogany body woods feature the calling-card carved top and deliver the warm and clear sustain that LP players demand. The Gibson ’57 Classic and ’57 Classic humbucking pickups, favorites here at Sweetwater, combine the best qualities of vintage PAFs with the output and midrange attack modern players demand.

Modern updates for improved playability

New advancements in the Gibson HP models make the guitar’s playability extremely fast and fluid. The neck boasts a wider Soloist fretboard for better string separation aiding in wide vibrato and two-handed tapping. The neck’s SlimTaper profile is familiar and comfortable to Les Paul devotees. The titanium adjustable string nut makes getting ideal action a snap. And the fast-access neck heel ensures nothing will inhibit your hand when playing high on the neck.

Fast, accurate tuning

The next-generation G Force tuning system on the Gibson HP models makes achieving perfect tuning easier and faster than ever before. Whether using the single-string or multi-string modes, just turn the G Force on, strum the string(s), and watch the system bring you up to pitch quickly and effortlessly. And the next-generation G Force can be turned off for manual tuning if the battery is running low. Luckily the rechargeable design allows for quick powering of your G Force.

Plek’d for precision playability

This Gibson LP Tribute 2017 HP feels fast and precise, thanks in large part to Plek processing. Typically reserved for top-dollar custom guitars, this process levels the frets with pinpoint precision, providing you with the most playable fretboard you’re likely to own. Each note rings loud and clear, and the fret edges feel smooth as silk.

Gibson Les Paul Tribute 2017 HP Electric Guitar Features:

  • Les Paul with modern updates for high-performance playing
  • Maple top, mahogany body with 9-hole weight relief
  • SlimTaper neck profile is comfortable and familiar
  • Wider fretboard for optimal string spacing
  • G Force tuning system
  • Titanium adjustable zero-fret nut makes setup simple
  • ’57 Classic and ’57 Classic humbucking pickups deliver your tone
  • Fast-access neck heel offers great access to higher frets
  • Titanium bridge saddles
  • Top-quality cable jack and noiseless toggle switch