2015 Gibson LPM 2015 – Les Paul Model 2015 Translucent Ebony Finish USA

$ 1149.00

For sale; a good condition Gibson LPM 2015 – Les Paul Model 2015 Translucent Ebony Finish USA. Comes with original Gibson hardshell case and accessory allen keys with neck truss rod wrench. Also included is the Gibson G FORCE Tuning System battery charger (3 pin UK, 100V-240V AC, 50/60Hz Power Requirements).

Information from Gibson’s Product Page:


-Gibson G FORCE™ Tuning System: Faster, more accurate, additional tunings
-Zero Fret Adjustable Nut (patent applied for): Added action adjustment
-Wider neck and fingerboard: Increased playing area with same string spacing
-Comprehensive wood selection and grading: Rarest and finest materials for best instruments
-Thicker Rosewood Fingerboard: Increased mass for sustain
-Pearl Inlays: Better appearance and value
-Smoother sanded, buffed and oiled fingerboard: Improved playability and feel
-Comprehensive Point Setup (Lower Frets, Improved Plek, Intonation): Silky –smooth action and bending, improved intonation
-Improved contact output jack: Secure contact and uninterrupted signal
-More robust cables: Stronger signal strength
-Les Paul 100th birthday signature: Honoring a genius with a facsimile of his actual signature taken from a pickguard autographed by Les.
-Les Paul Hologram: Authenticity and tribute
-New & Improved Hardshell Case: Improved protection (up to 15 foot drop), sleek, ergonomic, made in USA

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To all potential buyers, please feel free to ask me any questions that you may have for this guitar. I do welcome any requests for additional photos as well. Please inform me which photo angles you would like to have more details on and I would gladly oblige. Thank you for your kind interest!

Imperfections as described and as photographs shown here (if there are indeed any) are the actual representation of the item that you will receive after purchasing this instrument.  Fussy buyers or collectors (with OCD) and such,  please stay away if you do not understand what you’re getting into. Potential buyers I repeat; please ask as many questions and request as many photos as possible before purchasing. Kindly please do not make any assumptions ahead. Having said that, I will be most accommodating to clarify on any details or photo angles required. Much appreciation. Thank you.


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Thank you for your interest in this awesome 2015 Gibson LPM 2015 Les Paul Model 2015 Translucent Ebony Finish electric solid body guitar.

As this item is currently under consignment, it will be non-refundable and non-returnable under any circumstances once purchased. Kindly be informed.

* Kindly note that this guitar is also currently listed for sale locally. Please message me ahead to check the availability of this guitar to avoid any disappointments. Thank you.