2015 Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cutaway Cherry

$ 1299.00

I know what you’re thinking: “ugh, 2015”.

And in a certain sense, you’d be correct. The insane robo-tuner foray was rightly rejected by the market as a whole. Gibson took a beating, and they deserved it. BUT…they did do a couple neat things in 2015 that do not get the credit they rightly deserve.

First, let’s get the important things out of the way – this Les Paul Special has been de-robofied and smartly upgraded with a set of locking Grover Rotomatic tuners. It’s got a great sounding pair of P90s. It’s got that classic Gibson Cherry finish over a slab of mahogany.

Next, let’s get back to that due credit – 2015 Gibsons are an absolute dream for dudes (and gals) with bigger hands. The nut measures a full 1/8” larger than the standard 1 11/16” Gibson nut at 1 13/16”. And more importantly, despite that wider nut, the guitar maintains the standard 1 11/16” string spacing. So what does that mean? It means more room. Runway for your monster bends. A comfortable, California King sized fingerboard so dance around. Like Cosmo Kramer painting over the partition lines to get wider lanes, this roomy Cadillac of a fingerboard allows you full, easy access to the entire fretboard. And you’ll never in a million years pull the stupid E string off the treble side.

So if you’re a large handed player, or a classically trained guitarist looking to drive down electric avenue without having to get too accustomed to a standard electric neck feel, this one is definitely for you. Or maybe you’re neither of those, and you just want a guitar that doesn’t feel like all your other Gibsons. Or maybe you’re the kind of guy who really likes to see Les Paul waving to him every time he plays. This one is for you.

Cosmetically, it shows some standard playwear primarily visible under direct lighting.

Please refer to photos for exact condition and ask all questions prior to purchase. No returns accepted.

Note: While we feel this guitar plays great in its current condition, every player is different. It may require professional setup to suit your preference.

Ships in a Gibson “Taco” Bag.

Thanks for looking!