2013 Gibson® Les Paul Custom Lite Ebony – Limited Release Black Beauty OHSC

$ 2950.00

Excellent condition 2013 Gibson® Les Paul Custom Lite “Black Beauty” 4 knob ebony electric guitar. Includes original Gibson® hardshell case. This guitar spent most of it’s life in it’s case or in a display case. Only gigged lightly first couple of years for church specials.

This guitar has an amazing vintage PAF sound due to the swap out to Gibson®  57/57 Classic pickups in 2017. In 2017, this guitar was also professionally setup by a local luthier and it has an incredibly straight neck with action lower so it is really fast action. It is completely effortless guitar to play this puppy. If you’ve always wanted a Gibson® “Black Beauty” in excellent condition, but not so heavy, you’ll love this guitar. This guitar has all original parts except original pickups were 490R/498T and this guitar sound so much better with 57/57 Classics swap, so much richer in tones. Great for tone chasers!

The 2013 was a limited edition release so this guitar is 1 of only 250 Gibson Les Paul Custom Lite guitars made in the Nashville Plant in 2013. Extremely well maintained and cared for with minor pants abrasions and buckle rash on the back that couldn’t be caught in photos. The Gibson® Les Paul Custom Lite has thinner contour body to help lighten the load for comfort and playability. Instead being over 10lbs, this guitar weighs just about 8lbs. Letting it go as my wife says I have too many guitars. 🙄🤣 One of my favorite guitars and it’s ready to be gigged by someone who understands and appreciates it.