2010 Gibson Custom shop ES-339 Sunburst finish in excellent condition

$ 2976.98

Gibson custom shop made ES-339 finished in discontinued sunburst finish Made in Nashville USA.

2000’s custom shop build well known as one of golden era of Gibson custom shop using top end quality tonewoods.
Cross between modern and classic, this 339 series are for anyone who feels discomfort with the size of 335, has smaller and lighter body yet has same construction and other specs like traditional maple /poplar/maple body with maple Centre block and spruce bracing, 59 style round C shape mahogany neck with bound rosewood fingerboard, original 57 classic pickups and nitrocellulose lacquer finish.
All original and no repair history. Has typical minor playing wear but keeping excellent condition consider for its age. Perfect neck condition and frets still have plenty life left. Has classic 335 tone that covers wide range of styles from Jazz to Rock, from twangy telecaster tone to full body Les Paul sounding. It also has less feedback issue compare to 335 due to smaller body so you can crank up gain much further if you want. As it has similar body size to other guitars, you won’t feel much discomfort switching from your main guitars as much as full size semi acoustic series. Not just a pretty face, it will become your go to guitar.

Comes with original hard shell case, COA and warranty sheet(expired)