2002 Gibson Les Paul Custom // Wine Red // Great Condition

$ 3900.00

22 years old and somehow it’s damn near mint. Is it mint? No – it’s 22 years old. But it is real clean!

Absolutely no functionality issues.

Zero fret wear – finish looks great – electronics are 100% and sound seriously good.

Set up well with 11s and plays GREAT. I don’t have a pic handy, but the truss rod has never been touched. Full range of adjustability.

Happy to provide more pictures – just DM me with what you’d like to see. There are signs of wear throughout, but nothing that’s super glaring to me that should be pointed out specifically, in my opinion.

If you’re local to Durham, NC and you want to talk trades on a non-weight relieved gold top drop me a line.

Otherwise pick this one up so I can go live my golden dreams!

Thanks for lookin’ I love you!