1999 Gibson SG Special – Ebony gloss

$ 999.00

Slightly thick C shape neck. 490 Gibson USA pickups (Hot PAFs with pushed upper mids). Silver cap knobs. Strap locks in case. ABR bridge. Kluson tuners. 24.75 scale. A real looker!

Setup with EB Super Slinky 9-42, neck and intonation adjusted. Low action and no fret ends. Fretboard cleaned, conditioned and frets highly polished. Slight wear at cowboy chords G,B,E strings…no problem. Pots clean and easy turning. Neck is straight with slight relief, just as it should be.

Minor dent at top back of neck near headstock (not noticeable playing). Minor scratches and dings, swirl marks but no buckle rash. Some kind of finish thing at arm bout (see picture). These all show up on close inspection and because it is BLACK! I’d grade it very good player grade. Very stable and clean overall.

This Special has a clear punchy jangly tone clean. Sustain is superb. The pickups are adjusted to same volume and both on gives a bit of twang and more jangle. The Rhythm pickup is clear and bluesy, not muffled or bland. Driven, these pickups are hotter than PAFs and clear. The lead is tight with Duncan JB like upper mids. The mids really jump out in a mix and require less gain to stun. One reason to buy Gibsons is they make GREAT pickups. Play Dream Pop, Rock, Metal. Blues…whatever you like. Very versatile no frills guitar. A superb and fun player! Comes with genuine Gibson case and straplocks.