1993 Gibson Les Paul Special Doublecut P-90 Limited Edition #35 of 300 LP DC Nitro

$ 2799.00

For sale is a 1993 Limited Edition Les Paul Special Doublecut #035 of 300.

I believe this was the first year that Gibson reissued these LP Special DCs after their original production.  Overall condition is very good for a 30 year old guitar!  

The pickups are Fralin P-90s that sound fantastic.  Stock Fralin bridge and a -10% underwound neck.  Original pickups are long gone.  Currently has cream colored soapbar covers but the original black are in the case.  Has a new Tone-Pros AVR-1 bridge.  The previous bridge had collapsed under an improper string angle to the tailpiece.  The guitar is all setup now with a straight neck, low action and proper string angle. Again, this guitar sound fantastic* and gives you all the P-90 glory you could ask for.  I’m mostly a Fender guy and don’t play it much.

I would describe the neck profile as a 60’s slim style.  The neck is very smooth and has no noticeable dings or dents on it.  Nicely grained rosewood fingerboard. Guitar is nicely balanced. I would estimate that it weighs 7.5 pounds.

This guitar has a nitro finish that has settled into the woodgrain nicely.  Condition is very good for its age.  Mostly some scuffs and very minor scratches that could be buffed out by hand if one wanted.  A couple of small dings here are there.  Neck is true and the truss rod works well.  Please see detailed photos.

Minimal fretwear for a 31 year old guitar.  Just some very minor wear on the first three.

Pink lined case is in excellent condition and all latches are strong.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

*My personal opinion