1992 Gibson Les Paul Studio with Ebony Fretboard – Blacktop w/Sheptone Pickups

$ 1050.00

1992 Gibson Les Paul Studio with ebony fingerboard from the “good wood era” of the early 90’s. It’s loaded with Sheptone Heartbreaker pickups , CTS pots, Orange Drop caps, and is wired 50’s style. The electronics make this a great sounding Les Paul – way more versatile than the stock 490/98 pickups these came with. The neck is straight and with low action and has a nice chunky profile (similar to my ’03 Standard that has a ’50s profile). There are no headstock breaks or repairs and the frets have lots of life left yet. It has newer Kluson tuners. This guitar plays really well.

It was refinished in nitro lacquer as a “blacktop” about 8 years ago. The natural mahogany back and neck, maple edge (faux binding) and black top combo, along with gold hardware looks awesome. It’s a very unique looking guitar with lots of character – you won’t find many LP Studios that look this classy in my opinion. The finish is not perfect – it’s got some honest wear that includes some blemishes on the front and some buckle rash on the back. One of the control knobs has a crack. There is also some slight ghosting of the black around the headstock decals from when it was refinished. This is a player guitar not a wall decoration, but personally, I think this is one of the coolest looking Studios you’ll find.

The guitar weights in around 9lbs on my digital scale. You definitely know you’ve got a Les Paul slung over your shoulder, but it’s not a boat anchor. Also includes a nice, newer Gator hardshell case that’s in good shape.