1990 Bullion Gold Gibson Les Paul classic goldtop first year, “model” headstock

$ 5400.00
This is a 1990, all gold classic from the prehistoric era, from the first year classics were introduced and judging by the serial number, one of the first classics ever made, the stamped serial number on this guitar is 0 17x, “les paul model” on the headstock. Ive personally never seen another with a four digit serial.

The guitar is in excellent condition. The neck is a *good* fast 60’s neck, some classics wound up w necks that were paper thin, but this neck is a really nice super fast neck. The guitar weighs 10.2 lbs. The one thing that is *very* distinct about this instrument, I have a couple of recent r4’s and r8’s and while they all sound great, they all together sound very kinda “rubbery” next to this guitar. The wood and the glue in this guitar is stiff and dry and it very very much sounds like it. After 31 years of sitting around this guitar is coming into its prime. Vibration transfers in this instrument…

The hardware is all original as is the nut and frets and inlays which are a nice perloid and not the horrid green inlays some later 90s classics got.  The neck is straight, the frets are in great shape and the binding has not shrunk.  Pickups upgraded to 57 classics, the original 498/500 pickups are included. The original 1960 pickguard is also included. The pots and caps have been upgraded with a set removed from an 2014 r8 and the wiring to the switch was replaced with jupiter wire. The internal wiring on these guitars was always a weak spot, this is a massive, massive upgrade, the wiring in there is now setup like youd find in a historic.  The original case is included and is in nice condition.

The paint on this guitar is my all time favorite shade of gold, its more yellow than green and sparkles in the light like few other gold tops Ive seen. It comes across to me as much more metallic than any other goldtop Ive owned. Ive tried to provide some detail photos, there is some hairline cracking in the finish along the binding in the cutaway and a spot of discoloration on the back, for 31 year old finish it looks super super super clean.  There is no greening to the paint anywhere, there are no dings or dents or chips anywhere through the finish.  The guitar does not have a “relic’d” look to it in any way.  “Case Queen” condition, this is an exceptional example of a pre-historic era Les Paul.

The original case is included and its in good shape. The guitar is located in los angeles and is available for pickup, shipping is of course an option. The reputation these very early classics and pre-historics have is very well deserved, this guitar is a fine fine example of that pedigree.