1982 Gibson Les Paul Standard

$ 1808.65

Gibson Les Paul Standard completed on 12/21/1982 in Nashville Tennessee. Absolutely 100% all original. The condition of this Les Paul indicates that much of it’s life was spent in the case. As such, it is in VERY excellent condition with only two small dings on the front, and a small number of hard to see mild dings and light surface scratching on the back. There are also small binding cracks where the binding covers the fret (see pic). No paint checking of any kind, cracks, chips, gashes or dents, and no missing finish (that includes the headstock!) The cherry sunburst finish is bright and shiny. The neck is straight with no dead frets and the frets appear to have a good amount of life to them. Even the case is nice and clean, with very few scratches at the base.

The only way to really tell that this guitar is 42 years old is the serial number or the dates stamped on the original pots and Tim Shaw era pickups, with all electronics functioning perfectly. The guitar sounds absolutely amazing, and generates that genuine warm and full Les Paul sound. This was before weight relief so it weighs 10.3 lbs. Don’t miss out on this 1982 Standard in extremely rare condition!!!