1978 Gibson Les Paul Standard, Tobacco Sunburst Finish, Very Good

$ 5500.00

This is a 1978 Gibson Les Paul Standard in Tobacco Sunburst finish. Solid mahogany body, weighing in at 10.2 lbs. It sounds, feels, and plays better than any guitar I’ve ever picked up. A thing of total musical beauty.

Guitar is in excellent cosmetic and functional condition compared to most in this year/finish I see on the market these days.  I bought the guitar used in 2014, never gigged and only ever left the house for regular set-ups and maintenance.

Parts are all original except for the case and pickups. The guitar was purchased with its original T-Top pups installed and I swapped them out for a pair of Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates (essentially hot-rodded PAFs). New pups were professionally installed. The guitar will come with the Pearly Gates installed, but I have the original T-Tops, they are in the same condition as when I purchased the guitar, and they will come with the guitar (uninstalled in the case) in case you want to reinstall them. The PAFs sound amazing and far better than the T-Tops in my opinion, but I suppose that’s up to the player. See the photos showing the date on the back of the original pickups.

Just a handful of cosmetic blemishes, most notably a patch on the body top where the lacquer was stripped off. This blemish was present when I bought the guitar in 2014 and never got worse. It also miraculously caused zero damage to the wood and tobacco sunburst finish underneath the lacquer. The finish is completely unblemished despite the patch of lacquer being removed. It is also not very visible if you’re somebody watching the player dead-on. You need the light to hit it right in order to see it. It’s mostly visible to the player. See the darkened photo with a ring around the blemish for a better look.

Other than that, there is a series of dings along the bottom back edge (see the 4 photos at the very end of the photo gallery), the usual playing wear… along the bottom edge of the neck where your fingers naturally curl around the neck as you play, some fret wear, and some very light buckle rash. A lot less buckle rash than I see on most of this year/model/finish. Some very small dings along the edge and back of body, not on the face of the guitar, that you have to carefully look for.

Comes in a hardshell LP case. Case is not original, but in good condition. Guitar will ship by UPS Ground.