1968 Natural ES-335 with Original case and Original parts A super rare ES-335 and a super player…!

$ 11925.00

Hi Gang! Just in! A 1968 Natural ES-335 1968 Gibson. Original case with original parts. Let me tell the details of obtaining this 335. The guitar came from recording studio in Mexico City. It was found by my friend in Mexico City. The guitar from the pics I looked like it needed a well deserved BH put to it..!! I made the purchase knowing parts were changed. After about 6 hour of putting the BH on it was starting to come to life! Knowing what I had stashed it the shop were a set of 1967 decaled Gibson humbuckers with the 1967 pots. Tuners and bridge original. Now when I pulled off the trapeze tail piece I saw that it had an original Bigsby! So I did some horse trading and threw in a bit of cash for the correct era exact Bigsby. It had to be exact as different Bigsby’s have different mounting line ups. Now, I knew the inside body label was missing. What a pisser! So I called “Walter Carter” who is just one heck of dude and I conversed with him about the 335. Ledger gave him the serial number and he was kind enough to send me a pic of the Gibson ledger that has this exact guitar in it. Check out what it states. Serial number ES-335 Special. Ledger build date 1-7-1969. Stamped on the back of headstock makes it a 1968.  If it’s good enough for Walter, it’s good enough for me. Any further info on this 335, please feel free to contact us. We usually get back the same day. Thanks, BH