1968 Gibson ES-330TD Long Neck Blonde

$ 4750.00

Ok, it’s back! 

Been playing it a bit and added an aftermarket pickguard and bracket so that it would look nice. I think that, that’s as far as I’m going to go on this piece. It’s been fun but, costly and I’d like someone who would appreciate it, to own her.

Yet another rescue. I picked this up from the 2nd owner, he said that he bought it used in late 1970. He soon tired of the metallic red finish (LOL!) so he stripped it and got a spray can of clear paint and went to town. He painted everything with clear including the fingerboard. It looked like a monkey with a spray can had gotten to it!

I took it down as far as I dared and buffed it a bit. It looks a 100X better now. Kind of a satin finish on the front, I left the back alone as it wasn’t too bad.

I ended up getting it refretted and I’m happy to say that she plays like a dream

Not satisfied with the P90’s, he put humbuckers in it. A late 60’s Gibson in the neck and a DiMarzio in the bridge.

He was in the process of changing them back when I got it. He had gotten as far as putting a Parsons Street P90 in the bridge but the Gibson humbucker is still in the neck. I decided to leave them alone.

Now that you had the “Bad and the Ugly” the “Good“ news is that it’s a wonderful guitar. It sounds and plays great!

It’s a 60’s “long neck”, it’s solid and soulful with plenty of Mojo.

It comes with the original case that has a new replacement handle. I’ll pack it well as, those cases never fit very well.