1968 Gibson ES-330 TDC

$ 8354.50


Check out this absolutely STUNNING Gibson ES-330 TDC from 1968.. Yep that’s right folks, you heard it right: 1968!!!

This is an absolute machine of a vintage guitar that sounds so harmonically rich tonally with it’s original neck and bridge pups that are surprisingly extremely well balanced.

In fact – ALL is original on this guitar, barre one inlay on the 5th fret; that has been professionally replaced many moons ago.

Cosmetically wise, there is an apple sized sticker of the black paint that has peeled off of the pickguard. There are no breaks nor repairs. Just the usual wear and tear you would see on an almost 55 year old guitar.

It does have a hardcase though it is not the original.

This particular 68” is truly a special guitar that has contained its beautiful deep blood red hue over the many years and is coupled with some gorgeous checking. The neck profile is to die for and you will get lost for hours listening to this guitar’s voice. An experience you’ll never forget sonically.

It’s hard for me to let this beauty go as I’ve just recently purchased this myself – but I’ve had a few bills roll in that need to be taken care of.