1965 Gibson ES-120T Sunburst

$ 2595.00

Immerse yourself in the vintage charm of the 1965 Gibson ES-120 T electric guitar, a true relic of the golden era of music. Weighing a mere 5lbs 5oz, this lightweight instrument is a joy to play, offering a comfortable and effortless playing experience. Adorned in a classic Sunburst finish, the ES-120 T exudes timeless appeal and vintage aesthetics that capture the essence of bygone musical eras. Boasting its original chip board case, this guitar is a true collector’s item that comes with a piece of music history.

Despite its age, this 1965 Gibson ES-120 T remains in excellent condition, exhibiting minor chips and player wear that add character and authenticity to its appearance. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a vintage aficionado, this guitar’s distinctive tone and unique feel are sure to captivate you. From bluesy bends to jazzy chords, the ES-120 T delivers a versatile sound that suits a variety of playing styles. With its lightweight design and well-worn charm, this vintage gem is a testament to the enduring allure of Gibson guitars throughout the decades.


  1. Authentic 1965 Gibson ES-120 T electric guitar from a bygone musical era
  2. Lightweight at 5lbs 5oz for a comfortable and enjoyable playing experience
  3. Classic Sunburst finish exudes vintage charm and timeless appeal
  4. Original chip board case included, adding to the guitar’s collector’s value
  5. Excellent condition with minor chips and player wear, enhancing its character and vintage authenticity