1960 Gibson Les Paul Junior – bright cherry red finish in exceptionally fine condition

$ 11500.00

This is an original 1960 Gibson Les Paul Junior with an inked-in serial number beginning with ‘0’, in exceptionally fine condition. The original cherry red finish shows almost no fading. This guitar has been kept in its original brown alligator case for many, many years, un-played. But the paper cardboard case is falling apart, so we will ship the guitar safely in a nice modern hard-shell Les Paul case that’s seen in the last picture, although we will include the original alligator case as well.

There’s very little playing wear, mainly a few nicks and dings, and some light finish checking. The neck is straight, the string action is nice and low, and the guitar plays great and sounds awesome! The neck is not a typical 1960 thin neck, but is more like a 1959 medium neck thickness. The top edge of the headstock on the bass side has a small chip in the wood, as seen in the close-ups.

Only the stop bar bridge/tailpiece is not original. The original bridge cracked from age, so the original owner replaced it with a similar later model Gibson bridge. He threw away the original, although the bridge studs are still original. And the wiring harness and bumble-bee capacitor have unbroken solder joints, as seen in the next to last close-ups.

This fine vintage Les Paul guitar weighs a light 7 pounds, 2.7 ounces, so it is very resonant… and sustains almost forever. It is set-up with D’Addario .010’s.

We offer a 24-hour approval period with money-back guarantee, except shipping costs, so buy with confidence. The shipping cost reflects the high value insurance we must purchase to safely ship this instrument.