1953-57 Gibson Les Paul PAF Conversion – JamCity Guitars

$ 32000.00

This 52-57 conversion started from a 1952
Goldtop that had no breaks or repairs. It is loaded with lots of original and
50’s parts. 

Conversion Specs:

Rework tenon/Neck Pocket (Hide glue & Mahogany shim)

Pull Body Binding Back/Change Neck Angle to 4
Degrees/Reglue Binding

Reset Neck With Hide Glue / Plug P90
Routes/Route For Humbuckers

Strip & Refinish With Correct Gold/nitro
finish/Aging (By Historic Makeovers)

1″ Vintage steel stud inserts / 1-1/2″
Vintage spec Nickel studs

Callaham ABR1 bridge / 50’s Wraptail used for

Early Pat # Humbucker pickups with PAF Bobbins
(Same as a PAF)

1953 Volume Pots with Original Bumble Bee caps

Thro Bak Rings / RS Aged Knobs / JamCity Pickguard
/ Refret

Original Parts Include:  Backplates, Truss Rod Cover, Kluson Tuners,
Switch, Catlin Switch Tip, Harness, Pickguard Bracket, Strap Buttons, HS Case

Includes Both COA’s from JamCity & Historic

Email me for 38 Pics of this Guitar The pics of the back are too red in the pics. I’ll get new ones in natural light soon.  Email me for international shipping quote.