Vintage Fender “The Strat” Stratocaster 1980 1981 1982 Lake Placid Blue

$ 1499.00

Selling an original early 80’s Fender “the strat” Stratocaster guitar. This is a pretty rare iteration with the lake placid blue body and rosewood fretboard. This particular guitar has been well played but appears to have all the original parts. The original finish is still very vibrant and hasn’t greened out like most, but does have its fair share of dings, knicks, and scratches. The back of the neck and headstock are in very good condition. I am however selling this “as is” due to probably needing some fretwork. This was refretted badly in the past and although it currently plays fine with medium-high action, I’d imagine once you start lowering the action the frets will give you some trouble. A couple other small things to note are the small cutout in the pickguard to accommodate easy truss rod access, as well as one missing bridge screw and the backplate. Could be a cool and east project for someone, or just part it out. Includes the original fender molded hardcase. Please message me with any questions. Thanks