Vintage Fender Telecaster 1988 – Black and about as Classic as it gets!

$ 1475.00

This is a very cool, very classic…VERY easy to fall for… fender, telecaster, in VERY classic black with Rosewood board.. and weighs in at an easy on the ole back..7.8lbs

Fritz are still like new… original electronics and hardware…. Down to the original hardshell case. It does have some smaller dings and scratches and swirling from playwear…but all in all still looks very good and retains tons of stage appeal.. It is missing the body Ferrell for the e string see pics

The case has a better day with a crack on the top and one on the corner, but still serves purpose and it’s protected this beauty very well.

Hard to think this thing is approaching 40 years old… but it is!!

Peaceful and healthy vibes!