Strat Plus Deluxe, Natural Ash/Maple, 1990, Minty, Vintage, Stratocaster, Fender USA

$ 2599.00

For your consideration, a minty 1990 Stratocaster Plus in the classic and beautiful finish, Natural Ash!

Natural Ash is a great color for Fender! It’s so simple and appealing; meticulously-shaped Ash wood with all its wonderful natural grains, unfettered by coats of paint, but instead given a clear coat that seals and protects the wood! In the 90s, most of these clear coats at Fender reacted to air, and settled into a really cool yellow patina that is only earned over time…decades, in fact!

This is the part of the ad where I usually go into great detail about the condition of the piece, and painstakingly note all the visible bumps, scratches, marks and swirls. But with this guitar, the write-up is going to be really easy! I’ve been all over this guitar under two big soft lights, and I can find no remarkable marks, dings, rash nor swirls anywhere! The only spot I could ever even really mention are two tiny fingernail marks near the 14th and 16th frets, but these are so small you can barely see them when you’re looking for them! The neck is fantastic, with very minimal signs of playwear! The frets are great, and the lines of the head stock are crisp and clean, and the lettering/serial number is flawless, with zero signs of degradation!The whammy is a screw-in, but it’s designed for a pop-in (If I acquire another pop-in arm, I’ll certainly include that in place of the screw-in.) If I missed anything, it’s just because of these old eyes…please see all pics for yourself.

I bought this guitar from the 2nd owner, who purchased it in 1994 in New Jersey. He’s a player, but has assured me that this guitar had never gigged, and given the superb condition of this piece, I fully believe him! Thankfully, this owner decided against hanging it on a wall, which accounts for the exceptionally clean condition of this vintage piece! The pictures do not do justice to the awesome condition of this guitar…it is stunning! You will not be disappointed!
This guitar is all original, and it is beautiful! It comes complete with the screw-in whammy, back plate, and original hard shell case that’s in fantastic condition!

A final word about “Natural State”…

“Unplayed Mint”…the two words EVERY vintage guitar dealer LOVES to hear, when making an appraisal/offer on a collectible piece. It means the instrument is pretty-much exactly how it was when it left the factory, 30 years ago! Unplayed Mint guitars are very rare, and all other considerations being equal, they are the most valuable condition classification within the industry.

And this fact makes sense to me.

I haven’t gotten out much over the last few years, and I’ve taken to watching that Antiques Road Show on PBS…you know, the one where they set-up in different cities each week, and folks come from all around to get their items appraised by professional auctioneers and museum curators. Well, whenever somebody brings in a really valuable table or chair, these experts can’t stress enough how important it is to keep the solid wood furniture in as close to the exact condition it was in when it was made! Don’t strip it, refinish it, paint it, or even scrub it too hard cleaning it…even just sponging/wiping it off too aggressively can GREATLY decrease collectible pieces’ value, if it’s done in certain situations.

I don’t believe a vintage guitar to be any different than an antique table or chair, and it’s a reasonable assumption that the closer its condition is to “unplayed mint,” the more valuable the piece is… (all other things being equal; in guitars with the same equipment, color, year and model, unplayed mint IS king.).

 I don’t buy guitars with problems, or that need have any issues resolved. I’ll gladly pay more for guitars that need nothing, and are approaching the same condition they were in as-new, because I know them to be more valuable guitars now, and that this increased value will distinguish them even further in the future.
This is what I often refer to in my listings as, “Natural State,” or the term I use for showing how these pieces (in my ad pics) actually lived, and not to just show them dressed to the nines, in their “Sunday Best” appearance! My intake process is simple; I very carefully wipe down my guitars, and take pictures…that’s it. You see what I buy, and as I bought it.

This concept is critically important to fully-understand, especially if you were, say, in the market right now for an ultra-rare, very expensive guitar! The closer your piece is to “unplayed mint,” the more valuable it inherently is, period…and don’t let anyone try to tell you any differently.
Remember those two words that EVERY vintage guitar dealer loves to hear when buying a guitar…unplayed mint!
Now you know… if your intent is collecting vintage, you should be looking for as close to “unplayed mint” as possible, too!

As always, if you need more pictures to aid in your decision, please message me, and I’ll get you as many as you want.


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