MIJ Fender Hardtail Stratocaster

$ 825.00

I have been collecting MIJ instruments for years; mainly ones produced at the 

 Fuji-gen, Japan Factory. I don’t like using words like “rare” or “vintage” and when it comes to condition I am also at a loss as one man’s (or woman’s) “excellent” is another’s “fair”.
That being said I have had this guitar for years and while there is one other MIJ Hardtail (Non-Squire) Strat on the market now, its been many years since I have seen another. 
This guitar is a player and has nicks and scratches all over! It does not look like it from the photo’s but trust me they are there and I did my best to highlight the worse of the imperfections. 
After a fret-dress & set-up this axe should bring a life-time of joy! If I remember correctly there is dome crude routing under the pick-guard  but out of sight out of mind! Need more pics just ask. Shipping to U.S. destinations only and within 72-hrs of receiving payment. 
Good Luck!