John English Masterbuilt Fender Telecaster & Pro Jr. amp – featured in Custom Shop calendar

$ 20000.00

Up for sale is an incredible, one-off Fender Masterbuilt Telecaster and matching Pro Jr. amp. Hand built in early 2002 by masterbuilder John English, along with former Custom Shop director Mike Eldred and George Amicay, this incredible work of art is a true museum quality piece, destined to be a prized and cherished item in someone’s collection for generations to come.

Dubbed the ‘Southwestern Amp/Tele Set’, this matching pair was made from a 100 year old pine tree with intricate carvings on both the amp and guitar. It was featured in Fenders Custom Shop calendar in September of 2004. All original. Includes calendar poster image & COA. Even comes with a one of a kind hardshell case and matching leather strap that has never been installed. Message me for any additional information or pictures.