Heavy Relic Nitro Fender Standard Telecaster

$ 699.00

Here we have this 1995 Fender Standard Telecaster Top load Model with a beautiful Roasted Maple neck. The project started with a Black finish plain body but after giving it the Road Worn treatment we ended up with this Pink over Blue over Black. It looks awesome specially with the Black Pickguard. For the wiring we used CTS Pots and an Orange Drop Cap for both the pickup and the Tone. On this one We went with a Esqure Wiring pickup setup. The Original Ceramic pickup sounds great so there was no need to replace or upgrade. Specially for the Esquire wiring is a perfect pickup IMO. Powerful and Twangy just like a Tele pick should be. The Neck is a no brand neck of great quality. It used to have a Stratocaster Headstock but I reshaped it as a Tele to go with this body. It is so confortable to play and easy to move up and down with ease. The Frets are Stainless steel with a C shape and a 9.5“ radius. It is a beautiful neck And It definitely is an upgrade to any Mexican Necks.

It plays great as is but a setup is suggested. It is setup to my like but my Like may not be your like and what I consider low action may be high for you

Only the guitar is included. No case or gig bag