Fender Vintera Road Worn 2019 Fiesta Red Aged Relic

$ 1341.71

Here I sell a great Fender Vintera Road Worn 2019.
Aged finish, Relic made by Gosia Guitars in Belgium.

I bought it in 2021 before a show in Paris, really great feel, and the relic has been really great made if you like Rory Gallagher relic style strats.

I’ve used it a lot in between gigs as a warm up finger guitar ( I’m a SG guy) but I discovered and learned a lot playing this instrument. This guitar has been also really used during shows before. I was really attracted by its vintage look.

It has a unique look and a great vibe.
Comes with the gigbag and the original cardboard the pre owner still had.

Check the photos for all the details.

50s Vintera Strat 7.25 neck Radius
Soft V neck shape