Fender Vintera/MIJ Traditional 50s Stratocaster Sunburst 2021

$ 942.34

Fender MIJ Trad 50s Strat, with Vintera 50s Strat neck, sunburst, made 2021. The MIJ Trad series are the spiritual successors of the Fender Japan reissue models of late last century. It’s a no-nonsense vintage style Strat, with a handy set of crisp 50s-style single coils and a classic aesthetic. The neck has been swapped out for a Vintera 50s neck, so it’s a soft-V shape with a 7.25″ radius, which feels great in the hands. It all fits together nicely and you’d assume the two were made for each other if you hadn’t been told otherwise. Plus, being so lightweight, this is a friendly option for those of us playing longer shows. Crisp!

Model: Fender Vintera ’60s Stratocaster
Made: Japan 2021 (body), Mexico 2021 (neck, serial 21003896)
Finish: sunburst, gloss poly, 1-ply white guard
Body: basswood
Neck: maple inc. board board, 25.5″ scale, 7.25″ radius, soft-V shape
Weight: 3.185kg
Mods: neck replaced
Pickups: Fender Japan ST-Vintage x3
Case: original gig bag and case candy

Cosmetic condition notes: minor finish wear. The neck and headstock are very clean, no major marks. The back has a couple of minor scuffs in the elbow area. The sides have no major marks. The front has some very light play wear on the top horn. Overall: excellent condition (9.5/10).

Playing condition notes: Action is low, neck is straight, intonation is good, truss rod works. All electrics tested and working properly. The frets are more or less brand new, 10/10 for fret life left. Wearing fresh 10/46 Moonshiners strings